Open Source Algorithmic Art: Mission

Publication Frequency & Format

This is a one-person start-up operation at the production end, so I'm aiming, at first, for a quarterly publication. As interest grows it could appear more frequently. How soon the first issue appears depends, in part, on your willingness to participate as contributors. When the first issue is published, this page will turn into a submission guidelines page.

The e-Zine will be designed responsively to allow pleasant viewing on a desktop or tablet. It will also look nice on smartphones, but certainlly that is not the best screen on which to view this kind of material. AND, there will beno uncontrolled ads.

What This e-Zine Wants from You

OSAA's Publisher, Editor, & Designer

I spent 30 years as a graphic designer and typographer and eventually branched out into teaching design (web and graphic), photography, and exploring painting with watercolors, oil, and encaustic. I began working with computers in 1980 and have never stopped learning what I can do with them.

I discovered Processing about a year ago and as I found my mind occupied more and more by it, I decided to do something for myself and for others in the field. I'm very far from a mathematical genius (A.B.D. in British Literature), but then, I am the kind of person Processing was meant for. In the mid '80s, after reading a Scientific American article about fractals, I struggled to write a C program that drew them. To my amazement, I succeeded; that passion is still with me. Because I am a web designer who is also a writer and editor, this is how I decided I best can contribute. You can inspect some of my work at these sites:

How to submit: Art & Queries

Sketch box limit is 640px x 480px; smaller is fine.

No limit on text—use however much it takes to describe/explain what you are doing and why. And don't worry about spelling or grammar; I'm a good editor and this is not a an expository writing class! And if English is your second language, you are ahead of me, as I have no second language; I will catch any infelicities that may appear in your text.

Use the contact page here(NOTE: contact page is not up yet) to get in touch and send me your link where I can see your artwork.

I am very responsive to inquiries about proposals for articles.

—Clair Dunn, Swanton, Vermont, USA

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